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5 Ways to Live Through Your Kitchen Remodel

Make it easy on yourself: call HomeOwner Concierge

So you've finally decided to turn your dream kitchen into a reality. After designing your kitchen with the remodeling professionals at HomeOwner Concierge in Littleton, it's time to clear out and start the process.

Surviving without your kitchen doesn't have to involve takeout every night or cold canned food. We recommend:

1.Setting up a temporary kitchen: If the weather is warm enough;, or you're brave enough to cook in the Colorado winter, use an outdoor grill. And don't forget to your most commonly used items, like your coffeemaker, to make your interim kitchen even better.
2.Skipping elaborate meals: Plan meals around small appliances such as hot plates, griddles and toaster ovens.
3.Including your fridge: If you can't move your fridge into your temporary kitchen, invest in a portable one or a mini-freezer. Freezer meals, packaged into single servings, made ahead of your remodel can be cooked in the microwave if you don't have another heat source.
4.Stocking up on disposables: Unless you don't mind washing your dishes in unusual places, such as your bathtub, buying disposable plates, cups and utensils can make your life a little easier
5.Keeping a positive attitude: It can be easy to forget when you're cooking somewhere other than your old familiar kitchen. But look on the bright side - you'll have the kitchen you've always wanted in no time because you called HomeOwner Concierge.

For complete kitchen remodeling services from reliable experts, trust HomeOwner Concierge in Littleton, CO. We specialize in countertop installation and custom cabinet installations. Call 303-585-0959 to schedule your free consultation.

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